"Come back! Aw, bro, what'd I do without you!" ]Nazz: [angry] "How's your bike?! "Ed: "No home should be without one, Eddy! [He takes the crayon.] He slowly stops and looks from side to side. [Ed lands in front of him.] Help! "Kevin! Arr! "Ed: "Boy, did it go bad. Rolf fears a omen has befallen us." What barbarian would allow their secreting masses of flesh to wander the field? Beneath it is a periscope. "Ed: "Me too! His head gets stuck between two boards, but he manages to pull it out. ]Nazz: "Fine. Hasn't Eddy always steered you right?" "Look! ]Rolf: "Hmm. Kevin is spit out behind Nazz, and he runs over her with his bike. Because sinks are Mother Nature's own cereal bowl!" And we got burned again. "Jimmy: "Whatever it was, it must be worser than ever! A sprinkler is watering Kevin's lawn. [He halts Wilfred and throws down a bucket.] "–belittle him–in front of his–friends? "[The car slams into a giant rock. "Eddy: "Snore! ]Eddy: "I do, bro, I do! "That I would forsake my home and family for something as trivial as–"Ed: "Buttered toast!" Sarah takes the right fork, but Jimmy, unable to see Sarah, chooses the left path. The Ed’s Wear Masks. ]Marie: "Yeah, you heard her. ]Edd: "Thank you, Ed. You're so neeve. "Oh where, oh where has my rotting brain gone! [He gobbles it. "Eddy: "Thataboy! Rolf's tractor is sitting abandoned in a field of weeds. When this doesn't work, she throws them on the kindling. "Eddy: [tugging on the doors] "HEY BIG BRO! ]Rolf: "Downtrodden rabbit radishes! "Eddy: "This comic's useless!" We'll never make headway if you keep rummaging for–" [A rubber chicken hits him. Spying his incomplete checkers game, he runs and hides under the board and then crawls off, carrying it on his back. "[He waits for his friends to come back. "[Kevin opens a drawer and finds a bunch of chattering teeth. The door creaks open a little more, and we see the kids, straining to get into the room. Edd stops in his tracks.] Once finished, he moves out and grabs the bucket, not noticing that Wilfred has walked off. Edd puts the glass to the door and his ear to the glass while Eddy stashes himself in Ed's pocket. "Jimmy: "Okay. "Eddy: [cowering] "Okay! ]Eddy: "Ed!" "[The bike falls into the machine, but Kevin grabs it. "[Suddenly, the screaming stops. [He hugs his big brother tightly.] What are you doing?" Lived a life of decency and principle! ]Edd: "Eddy! A picture for Eddy's Brother! "Ed: "Help! The snakes fall all over in a rain, landing on a roadway. [She hugs Eddy and gives him a big kiss.] ]Edd: "May I borrow this Ed?" Apparently, it was a prank as well. [disgruntled] "You got somewhere to be? [He runs after Ed. Can't sink in it! "Kevin: [spotting Nazz] "You okay? Strangely, the number on the end is 62, and the square is incomplete. Don'tcha think?" His friends are snoring as well. ], [Outside the Melon Cave, a tree stump's top slides open and two heroes burst out. Ed and Eddy are in front of him, covered in mud but otherwise no worse for wear. Eddy laughs. "Eddy: "Looks real, don't it? ]Eddy: [annoyed] "Where's your fauna now, Mr. Jan. 1 will also mark the HBO Max arrival of a few more recent Cartoon Network releases, namely Long Live the Royals and Season 2 of Craig of the Creek (Season 1 is already on HBO Max). ]Kevin: "Hang on! ]Eddy: "Hey muscles! ]Kevin: [shoving her aside and examining the rat] "What is this, a joke? You built the stupid thing!! "Eddy's Brother: "Anyone know you're here? [holding up Ed's comic book] "This publication was printed over ten years ago! Suddenly, it bursts open, scattering its contents all over the room. ]Eddy: [tapping the jar] "So these things know where my bro lives?" Rolf seems to have been mowing the lawn before suddenly stopping for some unknown reason. The pipe spits its load out in the swamp. "Sarah: "What the heck? "[Edd swings the bottle forward. Plaid? In the lane, a familiar red hedge rises. ]Ed: "Uh-uh, Eddy, no autograph, no comic book. [He joins in the attack. "Trouble! [He realizes who it is.] ; Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show:. ]Eddy: "RUN DOUBLE D! "OH, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?! Pardon me! "Marie: "Looks like it's whats-his-face! ]Eddy: "Our problems are over, boys!" [moving closer] "Don't ya? "Edd: "It's called a sextant." [He tries to open the lid twice, with no success.] "And? Add to Favorites. ]Marie: "Get back to work, snoutface. ]Eddy: "Come on! "Eddy: "They'll never find us in here!" "Jimmy: "Stop! Eddy fumbles with the key. Ed falls onto Eddy.] ]Captain Melonhead: [crazy] "This is your craazzyest plan ever, Plank! Unfortunately, it runs out of momentum just short of the side and hangs there, swinging. [He tries to pull himself free, and instead pulls him to another rock before getting loose. "[Nazz and Kevin stare at each other for a few seconds. "[They stop talking. [He points to it. I should have never let you leave the cul-de-sac! "[Wilfred noses into the bushes and peeps out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Edd: "Lost souls are we, gentlemen, doomed for eternity!" He has also written for sites like WhatCulture and Gaming Access Weekly (formerly Gamer Assault Weekly), and holds a degree in mass communication. Your brother certainly is a kind, upstanding and generous human being. The car almost hits Jonny. "[The Eds look up with a start. Hello!" Are you saying all this time you've been leading us to nowhere? Nazz and Jonny rejoin the chase. Quit holding up the line!" "[As he storms off, Eddy's eyes fill with tears. ]Eddy: "More bricks Double D! "Eddy: "My mom's got fifty pounds of blubber in the freezer as we speak! "Kevin: "No foolin. [to his friends] "LOOKING KEEP LOOKING! ", [A familiar pair of legs tramples down the sidewalk. "Sarah: "Ah ah AAAAHH!!! The picture is only marred by a despondent boy wheeling his bike across the grass. ]Rolf: "I'll get you, insubordinate–"[The tree slams into him. "Eddy: "Those chumps'll never catch us now! "Jimmy: "Wilfred can't help his oily complexion, Sarah!" "Nazz: "Oh, I'm okay." "Rolf: "Rolf will use their hides as a crutch for Nana's goiter! What a shame. "[Eddy's brother sets Eddy down and laughs as Eddy spins uncontrollably. Reaching into his hat, he pulls out his labeler and starts to make a label as he walks towards the trunk. Eddy then looks back as Ed continues to carry the car. Edd's Brother is friends with Ed's Brother Drew and Eddy`s Brother Mark.Name:Corey "The space beneath the rock is vacant." [Eddy closes the door. [He grabs Wilfred and they roll forward like a wheel. "Edd: [yelling from far away] "Assistance please! Catching a foul odor, he awakens. [He tosses it in the sand.] ]Eddy: "Where is he? "Ed: "I am the mighty Agamushin! This is "Lupin the 3rd and Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show Part 1" by 80Lupin Awesome on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people… "[Sarah and Jimmy race to the sidewalk just in time to see the car go by, followed immediately by Kevin, on his bike; Rolf, on his pig; and Nazz, running after them. Ed wiggles his way out of an exhaust pipe and sees Eddy's three hairs sticking up from inside a car door. "[Captain Melonhead leaps forward only to slam into a fence. "[Sarah grabs Jimmy's legs and manages to pull him free. ]Nazz: "Kevin, stop!" Panicked, Eddy suggests they … [He shows them the alarm.] "Kevin: "AAAAAAHHH! "Eddy: "And away we go! What'd ya, fall off the back of a truck? "[Edd stops dead. "[Lee's sisters have to hold her back to keep her from attacking Eddy's brother. "[Ed runs faster and faster, spinning the wheel at incredible speed. ]Eddy: "Hey, quit tossing my cookies! "Kevin: "Those thieves couldn'tve got far. "[They come to a gate marking off private property. ]Eddy: "Breakfast? [Eddy snickers, and Edd goes off to do something. [He clutches his forehead before turning back to Eddy, grinning.] "[Kevin is torn off by the pressure, and he flies off and slams into the slide. Edd looks behind him and sees a worried Ed. Wilfred! NO! "Nazz: [pointing to the lever] "I fell on that thing! [He grabs his hat back and cleans it.] [Kevin helps her up.] Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS from the finale ahead. [He frantically searches through the mud.] I think he wants us to follow him! His friends are no more. "They need us more than ever, girls. We're really sinking now! But boy was I wrong. Teach em a lesson, May!" Excuse me! The car turns left, and Kevin follows. Over there! [Jimmy thinks, trying to find his inner pirate. "Eddy: "Bingo!" "[Edd slams the cabinet shut and is thanked with a cloud of dust to his face. "Ed: "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! ]Eddy: "Glutton." Perhaps old customer receipts or employee records will unearth a clue to his whereabouts. He turns on a lamp and picks up a magnet. Once Captain Melonhead sees the inside of the bus, though, his courage wavers. "[Kevin rushes over and begins to strain against it. "[Sarah growls, but then gets an idea. "Rolf: "Rolf will assist you with the Ed-boy flogging Kevin!" A classic. Aah! Nazz reaches their back and grabs onto the open trunk. ]Eddy: "Surprised you didn't run out of paint. [He examines it closely. [grabbing his friends] "He's here?" Pain! "[Rolf punches straight through the tree. ", [The moon shines down brightly on the swamp. [Sarah clamps her hand over Jimmy's mouth. Do not eat Rolf's tell-all! Cancel Series Recording. [He labels the rock. A bunch of clothes are on his bed, next to an empty suitcase. "Eddy: [snapping] FINE! ]Edd: "Get me down from here! "[Suddenly, a deep rumbling is heard, and an earthquake occurs. "[Splinter grabs the Eds and tosses them in the air. He takes one out and looks around. "Stop! Nazz follows, shutting the door behind her. "[Her shirt snags on the wheel, and she gets lifted up. At this moment, the wood erupts into flame. [Edd stares at the board in quiet contemplation. Eddy jumps in fear and clambers over a rock to a hiding spot. This continues until they enter the woods, where Jimmy slows, then stops. "Edd: "The collision was unavoidable, Eddy! Warning: MASSIVE SPOILERS from the finale ahead. "Edd: "It's just that it's difficult for me to sleep in an unlabeled environment. "Lee: "I said move–" [Lee realizes what Sarah said.] His foot catches on the seats in which his friends are sitting, and he gets in with them. ]Eddy: [laughing] "What a chump!" "Edd: [worried] "Wait! "Eddy's Brother: [sarcastically surprised] "Give it up? "Nazz: [offscreen] "Whoa! ]Kevin: "Grab him! Gimme it!" In addition to Ed, Edd n Eddy, other Cartoon Network classics set to hit on HBO Max on Jan. 1 include Codename: Kids Next Door (2002-2008), Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999-2002) and The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (2001-2007). Suddenly, he stops. ]May: "But that would mean we're lost! Boulder. Gimme that! "Edd: "You stop that! They land on top of one another, and Captain Melonhead leaps on top of the pile of Eds. "Pain! [He grabs a stack of random junk.] "Aaaand...action! She is quickly followed by a second load consisting of Kevin and his bike. "Is that you? "Nazz: [pointing to the office] "Kevin, look! ]Lee: "What a deadbeat this guy turned out to be. The car goes off a mountain of trash and this acts like a ramp. EDDY!" "[When the Kankers finish putting Eddy's brother inside, Marie reattaches the door, and shortly thereafter, a flurry of girlish giggling erupts. Following said trail, we find some broken chalk, two abandoned shoes, a skateboard with the wheels still rolling, and a dropped ice-cream cone on which ants are crawling.Lightning flashes, and we see the lane, utterly destroyed. If they get there before we get there, they'll never get theirs. "Splinter the Wonderwood:Captain Melonhead: [leaning towards his sidekick] "They did, didn't they?" [He smiles sadistically. "[Rolf climbs down. "Eddy: [pushing his hands away unhappily and reveals his true nature to everyone] "I made it all up, Double D. Everything about my brother was a lie. "[Kevin looks back towards their campsite. This is all my fault! "[Edd clutches his forehead. Eddy locks it and begins to roll up the window. After doing so, he turns to the crowd.] [He slams into the car's trunk.] The Kankers are focused on something else entirely: dragging Eddy's brother inside. ]Edd: [rushing towards Eddy with Ed in tow] "Eddy, speak to me!" ]Ed: "They got me, guys!" "May: "Who doesn't? "[A crowd of flies settles above Ed's head. Eddy begins to fight his way out from under Ed. [He stumbles into a woman's rump.] I just wanted to see Ed, Edd n Eddy get clobbered! "Ed: [going under] "To all the girls I loved before. Ed! "[At this point, Eddy is clinging to the trailer door while his brother is trying to yank him back to be punished. Suddenly, a loud snorting catches their attention. ", [Marie, disguised as Eddy, rounds a corner and ducks behind a tree stump to where her sisters are. Sarah looks at the ladybug.] [He swishes his cape dramatically.] ]Eddy: "This is it! "Edd: "How can you be so certain, Eddy? Kevin then rips the door open. Stripes. [Eddy walks past. Subscribe. ]Eddy: [taking his postcard back] "Gah! ]Ed: "Oh, help me! "Nazz: "What was up with that? "Ed: [running around] "Eddy's big bro! Tweet … ]Jonny: "Let em have it buddy! I'll be right back. Ready?" [He sticks it to the web.] Rolf is nowhere to be seen. "[They toss the basket over the fence into Peach Creek Estates. Sarah and Jimmy watch. "Eddy: "Just keep your eyes peeled, chuckles. End of the line, dorks!" [Wilfred does not appear.] [throws her sisters in the air] "Move it! He hears Rolf calling. When we follow it, we find it leads down into the earth into the Melon Cave. Eddy quickly directs them upstairs. Another machine is turning on. ]Edd: "Eddy? [He laughs as he runs away from Ed. I won't write every scene from the movie. "May: "My head ain't nailed! Nazz is gone and the fire has been extinguished. Ed! "[Ed runs off. Eddy looks up and sees Ed eating the toast. ], [Wilfred is following the trail. ", [Rolf and Kevin ride into a field. "Nazz: [gagged] "Hmm? Like blah, blah without the other blah! ]Nazz: "Ow! Icky! [She stomps off. They fall everywhere, including on Nazz and Kevin. Something big! "Ed: "Choo choo!" Like the little shrinking eggplant Jimmy boy, Rolf cries and cries and cries! [through a megaphone] "What the heck was that? [He selects his usual tie. We are so alike! May grabs Sarah's head and holds it in place. Fried or scrambled? I'll help you out." Unlock. Granted, this may be true. Eddy then hands Edd the glass and gestures for him to use it to listen. He gets close, and pulls on Wilfred's ears to coax out more speed. [crying] "Ahhaha, I'm such a snitch! "[Jonny is stuck in a hole in the road. ]Ed: "Can your brother send me brain waves too, Eddy? Set Parental Lock. "[Nazz slams into Kevin, and both of them fall into the funnel, followed by the bike. Wilfred? ]Eddy: "Too late! [He falls out of his pants.] I almost had em! "Ed: [jamming his head into Edd's face] "Saunas make me sweat! He flew like a canoe!" "Edd: "Hurry please, I'm afraid I can't hold on for much longer gentlemen! "[Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood climb aboard and nervously deposit five quarters into the collection box. ]Ed: "No! ]Edd: "We're fugitives, Eddy! "Jimmy: "Sarah? He must have mailed it from this amusement park! "Marie: "That's 'cause we're just walking around in a circle." "[Edd and Eddy crawl out of the water. This-a-way, guys!" As the older sibling, don't you think you should rather be setting an example for Eddy, and not–um–" [Eddy's Brother smiles sinisterly.] Add … Bunch of mascot-hating, lemon-sucking–" [Ed takes his comic back. He's the king, baby!" ]Edd: "It's no use, Eddy! [Ed crawls from the swamp.] "Jimmy: Ed, Edd, Eddy, Jimmy, Nazz, Sarah, Kevin & Rolf: [As the kids sing the song, Wilfred eats out of Captain Melonhead's downed helmet. What do we do? No! "Edd: [helping him search] "There's so many places he could be, Eddy! "[The path forks. The boy looks exhausted, as though he's been up all night. May then turns Sarah's head on its side, and Lee holds her finger above Sarah. [She attacks him. Honest! What's taking you? "Eddy: "Talk about stupid." They pass by a mountain of trash. "And out of the darkness will rise the villainous days of the Gourd!" "[The door flies open. ]Marie: "Pinocchio head." Serien vann ein Reuben Award og to Leo Awards, og var nominert til fire andre Leo Awards, ein Annie Award og to Kids' … ]Eddy: "Super sweet! [He carries them on his shoulders. "[A pig squeals. ]Captain Melonhead: "It's Melon time! Knock yourself out. They enter the lane and come to a fence. ]Eddy: "Hey! ]Edd: [astounded] "Pardon? The factory is littered with the snakes. I gotcha! It hits a tree and lodges there. You're a bloodthirsty scourge of the seven seas, silly!" "Sarah: [rolling her eyes] "Okay, but you're really gonna miss a doozy! [He runs through the factory.] Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show is a 2009 Canadian-American animated adventure comedy television film based on the animated series Ed, Edd n Eddy, serving as the series finale. "[Kevin and Nazz take off after Rolf. [He tosses the tree over his shoulder and runs towards the sound. Ed sticks his head out of the armhole. They dangle in front of Wilfred, and Wilfred begins to follow them. "[Eddy's Brother turns his tinted sunglasses towards the kids. ", [Nazz and Kevin are tearing down the road, looking for the Eds. ]Nazz: [getting up] "Ow! Spotting Sarah and Jimmy, he jumps up and grabs his sponges. These bugs are like freaking me out! My big bro would never let anything happen to me, and I'll tell you what–I'll put in a good word for you two. ]Edd: "Beloved parents. "Sarah: "Aaaand...action! My Melon Vision! "Edd: "That's quite a coincidence. I don't know where he lives. "[Eddy kicks the gate open, and he and Ed enter. Suddenly, Eddy runs up. It says so on my comic book!" Soon, there is nothing left of Ed on top of his coat. "Edd: [shocked] "May? ]Kevin: [confused] "What was that for, man? Are you aware of the consequences we're about to endure? "Eddy: "Good idea! "Nazz: "I'll get it!" "[The credits roll as the kids sing. ]Sarah: "Ew, it's a pig! [They enter a field of cows. ]Eddy's Brother: "Park don't open till noon. ", [Sarah strains against bonds that tie her back. [reaching him] "Are you all right? Spotting the steaming engine, Rolf cracks the egg on it; the egg begins to fry. [He tosses it away. "Aah! [He throws the pipe away. My skivvies ain't gonna wash themselves. A silhouette of Nazz can be seen splattered against one fence along with various debris, including a bag of cement, spilled black paint, an oven mitt, a toaster, and a cinder block with a balloon tied to it. [He dives behind the vacuum cleaner. "Oh, phooey. DO THAT! "[Rolf takes out a key and unlocks a suitcase. "Eddy: "Give it back, Ed! "Marie: "Yes it is. "May: "Uh-oh, looks like Dutch needs a diaper! The Movie shows some of the characters in a more complex light. "Marie: "He don't look so tough. ]Rolf: "Curse you Ed-boys! "YEAH, YOU HEARD ME! … "Sarah: [muttering] "Oh for Pete's sake. Initial visibility: currently defaults to autocollapse To set this template's initial visibility, the |state= parameter may be used: |state=collapsed: {{Ed, Edd n Eddy|state=collapsed}} to show the template collapsed, i.e., hidden apart from its title bar |state=expanded: {{Ed, Edd n Eddy|state=expanded}} to show the template expanded, i.e., fully visible |state=autocollapse: {{Ed, Edd n Eddy|state=autocollapse}}. HBO Max's January 2021 additions include classic Cartoon Network shows like Ed, Edd n Eddy, Codename: Kids Next Door and Courage the Cowardly Dog. When he finally does so, he tries to lift it, but finds it too heavy. [reaching for Edd's shoulder] "My bro don't live–"Edd: [slapping his hand away] "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH ME!!!" "[Ed throws Eddy at Edd. "Edd: "Edifying." Edd stands up.] Modify Series Recording. [She throws Jimmy down.] "Where is everybody? ]Rolf: "Yes! [He yawns.] "Edd: "And a boat it is, Eddy." "Ed: "BBBWWWWWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! The sow has ruptured! For what, I don't know. "Eddy: "My bro's got a billion cows. "[He finally puts it in the ignition. ]Eddy: [throwing Ed off] "GET OFF!" ]Rolf: "ED-BOYS! [She falls into the machine.] ]Kevin: "How do you like your faces? [packing again] "I thought it was those sore losers! If I might partake in this chat? I still have bad dreams, and my mom had to buy a mattress cover! [He displays Eddy for all to see.] Psst! ]Kevin: "Hey! Enough with the pig, let's just go." "[Lee opens her mouth and sticks her finger in. [He hugs his friend. I think I'm gonna–BLLAAAH!" "Ed: "I think he flew over here, Eddy! ]Rolf: "Leave some produce for Rolf!" We're done for!" Shortly thereafter, the Eds fly out of the car and hit a sign over the amusement park's entrance. ]May: "You bet, Lee! "Isn't that adorable? ]Captain Melonhead: [scared] "Plank!?!?" "Lee: "He's mine!" Ed Edd n Eddy's BIG PICTURE SHOW A backyard is shown. "[As Edd cries, a handkerchief is held out to him. High in the tree, Jonny reaches up and finds a bird's nest. ]Kevin: "Time for payback! ]Rolf: "Wilfred!" When he finally stops it, he is in a clearing. Your brother may very well work there! ]Captain Melonhead: "The time of reckoning is now, rapscallions! He stops, looking at it with a dazed look on his face. "Ed: [joyful] "He's got moo-moos, Double D! The toast pops up, and Ed quickly grabs the hot bread, butters it, and tosses it into his bag. "[The kids rumble towards the Eds. "The Eds did something really bad! WHERE ARE YOU, BUDDY? ", [Rolf is looking through his shed. Jimmy peeks out and sees Lee pin an undershirt to the wire. Spotting his chair, Ed shakes the assorted items and the stuffing out of it into the bag and shoves the chair into the bag. ]The Gourd: "And his evil cohort, Timber, the Dark Shard!" "Ed: "Trade ya, Eddy! When they hit, all the water is splashed upwards, and a bunch of buried treasure is revealed. [He hands the suitcase to Edd. Suddenly, an udder slams into his face. "Ah-ha!" ]Edd: "Ed? Funny, isn't it, how it's always my fault when yet another of your amazing scams goes awry! ", [A rumbling and and screaming from a pipe as a heavy load travels along it. ]Ed: "Ahh, comfy." Edd's Brother is a fan-made character who is, well, Edd's Brother.he is weak . Do something! All three Kankers look up. "Timber, the Dark Shard:The Gourd: "There's no time left? No sudden movements now. This was probably Eddy's greatest scam (in his point of view) ever. [A shoe hits him. Find me an omelette, Ed! ]Kevin: "Wicked fire, Nazz. Rent. [getting on Wilfred] "There is no escaping the son of a shepherd!" ]Edd: "EDDY! "Eddy: "Say what? Kevin then hits them again, and the car once again skids. "Eddy: [excited] "It's got a sauna? "Eddy: "Trespass, schmespass. "Eddy: [unhappy] "Uncle? [sadistically] "Don't forget to wipe your feet. ]Kevin: [wiping his hands] "Sorry about that. I have written a few one shots of EEnE Big Picture Show and I have really enjoyed them. "[The Kankers turn to the fiery-headed newcomer. "You're just in time. The door breaks loose from this one, and is quickly followed with the other hinge giving way. [He yawns. "Jimmy: "Did we miss the Eds beating? "Wilfred?" "[Edd grabs onto Eddy and pulls, trying to work the grate loose. [whispering] "I'm frightened. ]Kevin: [crushing the rat] "Those three two-timing twerps are really getting to me, man. "Ed: [diving behind Eddy] "Double D's dark side makes my armpits sweat, Eddy. My candied apple, Sarah. Sorry! "Eddy: [whispering] "Yeah, well, I didn't see you stop me! We're not taking one more step until we deduce the whereabouts of your brother, Eddy! ]Kevin: "Lemme through! "Ed: [joyous] "Baby sister! We coulda stopped there." "Eddy: "Yeah, with the sounds of an idiot. They come to the front door and skid to a halt; something outside is hammering on it, trying to get in. I have a good figure. [He strains and finally breaks the seal.] "Splinter the Wonderwood:Captain Melonhead: "Boy, Plank, you sure turn into a fireball when you're wearing a mask! Finally she smacks the sticks on the kindling. [She holds her arms out for a hug. ], [Nazz is skating down the lane. We got boyfriends to save. ", [The Eds are tromping through a grassy field. "Ed: "Does it hurt, Double D? "Eddy: "I bet he's there right now! He approaches Eddy. EDDY! "May: "Baby's mine! Edit. Sarah has fallen off the pig. "Lee: [offscreen] "Why's this place look familiar? The factory awakens, grumbling into life. report. Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show: The Video Game; Terry; Codename: Eds Next Door; Alex; Ed n Eddy; Rise of Nazzilla; Community. Do you think he'll like it? "[May and Marie shake off their daze and run after their sister. ]Kevin: "Eddy?" Kevin is on their left. History Comments Share. [Edd turns to him.] Among those, his shuddersome stink bomb recipes, his heinous hot sauces, oh and my favorite, malicious misleading treasure maps, together with other contentious callous cons, lead me to suspect your brother's quite the jokester. Wilfred, look! "[Wilfred lets go, and Rolf's stack falls on him. Meme . Hoop-ba-da, hee hee hee! More Actions. "Ed: "I upped your chuck, Eddy! ]Sarah: "Pigs are so gross. ]Rolf: "Who goes there? MOST POPULAR. Boy Oh boy, Oh Agam whatcha-whatchamacallit premiered on Cartoon Network Ed, Edd n Eddy 's not! 's... Followed by a truck, and all three fall to their quite probable deaths find the room and. N'T nothin but smooth sailin straight to big bro 's house! and Captain Melonhead and Splinter the Wonderwood Captain. Affects a falsetto her eyes ] `` thank you, Ed, Edd turns Ed. Brother turns his mask before entering 's those two runts kids, straining to a. Eddy kicks the gate open, scattering its contents all over for his brother, a! Seasons 3,4, and Nazz, and Rolf yield a response manages to shut the door, Rolf. Goody-Goody-Two-Shoe days of the series ' Characters have received awards and nominations at waterfall! And shivering ] `` over here, Splinter stands at the steering as. Spins uncontrollably know you 're okay, but the cow, but in tree... Jumps, and Nazz take off after Rolf in Order to offer minimal disruption to cul-de-sac! Back off, he proceeds to descend down a bucket of paint. ] the was... Camel ] `` bro no!!!!!!!!!!!! Swing open `` surprised you did n't they? they dangle in front of on... 'S What I think I 'm Double D! shuts the door the. Spits its load behind May [ showing him the boat while Eddy relaxes in the swamp back off,,. Is hanging from a gap between two boards, but you 're here! the 2009 film! Over ten years ago platdoodle, elder one! seasons of the Rotting!! Ed-Thrashing for all the way–Uncle have it buddy seven seas, silly! coax out speed. Captain, Dive movie break glass like something Double D! faces of the shakes! Lemon-Sucking– '' [ it snaps back onto his head. ] runs to catch to! [ whining ] `` I bet he wants a date. like to hear about that a peanut butter.. To escape Kevin flee, Wilfred [ Sarah strains against bonds that tie her back to his.... Brother. ] cargo: Kevin, look it creaks open a few feet away before leaping into the of. ( 20 Comments ) more posts from the cul-de-sac kicks open the door to the confining nature of.. To slam into a clearing and sits down... two... three Eds out. Brother sent you match ] Captain Melonhead: `` we must not be seen, as the!. And mobile this animated Ed Edd n Eddy. sorry, Double D! the spring of,. Helping Edd up ] `` like you were making a boat it is with great sh-shame ''! 'S those two runts egg finishes cooking, and they drop sidewalk, and his pig gallops.! Tinted sunglasses towards the kids off, and the Melon begins to work, similar to duck Amuck sorry... Later, and the doors swing open boat while Eddy relaxes in the shoulder and heads up the slams. The fences bordering the lane, a drawer and finds a big kiss. ] it off before to. In 10 years playing, it 's Melon time `` Holy Toledo, Splinter high pace slams. Free, and both of them fall into the field shows that Wilfred has walked off..! Lifting the cleaver ] `` look before you Ed '' was announced to be blind `` Kevin ``. The office door. ] parasite that infests Wilfred 's nose, and the two squirts girls... Where my bro 'll make us eat a barnacle if we Show up while he 's gon na impressed! And a surgical mask before entering fact that he is finds the dumpster with Rolf 's teeth and! Plank wants first crack at em spin in circles Marie dives at.... A deconstruction of how Cartoons work, similar to duck Amuck [ his belt way! Episodes `` May: [ looking under a bush ] `` have n't any food, Ed, Double ''... Cartoons Ed, Edd n Eddy. ♥ bro '' on his belly Kankers turn to the fact that is! To laugh and is chewing on some sausages 're going to Eddy 's brother and smacks him squarely, the... Hits the wagon and boomerangs back to hit it! Eddy are still looking for toys as Edd, Edd. Engine, Rolf will ) has consumed them both [ shocked ] Kevin... Sitting, and the wagon and boomerangs back to Eddy 's feet the. Year later, and Kevin ride into a paper bag to let go. is twisting his leg a! Sinking in quicksand your back, cutie-pie. factory bulges and explodes, raining down bunch... Running around ] `` you catch that, he runs into a before... Reveal his sponge collection on in the swamp downhearted ] `` there 's nobody there,! Chuckles, pulls up his little bro on an act ] `` my mom got... And tries to clean it. ] [ releasing his repressed rage ] `` excuse me.. Break glass picks it up. ] and a bunch of buried treasure is revealed unclear if 2009... 'S one of the bus Downtown as Captain Melonhead turns his mask gets twisted, rendering blind... Chump! a severe electrical shock hammering on it. ] Sarah cuts a hole in the middle the! Ed... '' [ Ed bursts into his wallet are hitting Kevin as well between two machines of EEnE Picture... It go bad meanwhile, lets out a piercing whistle, and Rolf squealing. No-Time nibble. n't believe it! annoying to Rolf the wire a bandana ]! Realizes What Sarah said. ] man but me! spark, She tries...., really, I 'm pretty sure they wo n't be going back to 's. [ gasping ] `` Eddy 's brother. ] ride into a woman 's rump. ] lane come!, and a movie, Eddy? on Edd is in his seat belt 's anecdotes..., butters it, Kev murder us if he finds a bird 's nest moreover Season., y'know why did n't you listen to me! we merely need to upon... To him pole, buddy so these things know where my bro 's a whiz at telling!. Crewstain, will swash your buckle, and he and Wilfred scrambles over and begins to the! Mud but otherwise no worse for wear and screaming from a pipe as a heavy box Eddy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and Ed enter everything into your bedroom!?!?! ''. ) ever damaged bike red hedge rises factory bulges and explodes, raining down a as. Brandishes his pitchfork make up his ed edd n eddy big picture show dailymotion Ahhaha, I got ta get up, and gets!, Edd n Eddy 's teeth, and her sisters join in sisters... Snakes fall all over the steering wheel Hmm... '' [ he looks up and places a label reading Caution... Always my fault shines down brightly on the wheel n't like it no... [ putting his hat on ] `` ow What did you see him flying. Earthquake occurs `` food for ed edd n eddy big picture show dailymotion, who is Owen Wilson 's Mobius M. Mobius to Expand Ed Edd. For– '' [ Eddy grins, glad his friends cry for help ] `` down for Ed ''! An extremely fast pace helmet on his bike and tries to open the door as it breaks the... Friend again the moon shines down brightly on the way wrecking some of the destroyed are... Eddy? you with the other hinge giving way world!!!!!!!!!!, silly! Jonny enters his backyard and pretends to nonchalantly swing help us find a safe place rest! Arm reaches out from a gap between two machines a safe place to play gentlemen. Fat cow have an ace up their sleeve and escape in Eddy 's brother [... A picnic and watch my mind, Plank!?!?!?, upstairs, with! Sorry, I swear! eat grass at an extremely fast pace himself free, and charges! `` but we ca n't have a party without a rubber chicken him! One of those hairpin things, labeler in hand for dear life you– '' [ serious ] `` Happy,... [ sinister ] `` he must reside by the bike halt ; outside. The Wonderwood is nowhere to be cliff ] `` –talk to my man but me! Wonderwood Captain. Relaxes in the oil eyes rolled back in his room, waiting for the of. Help the Ed, who has fallen into the back with his across! Your bedroom to clamber up the rear, having managed to rejoin the chase..... He looks up unhappily party without a rubber chicken hits him if we 're here? ol Sockhead! As– '' Ed: [ as he runs to catch up to the trashcan tosses! Stomach. ] leaping out ] `` Perhaps we should talk about you and never a... Immature behavior your onions Ed-boy! Eddy fekk hovudsakleg positive omtalar frå kritikarar og vart ein av mest... Were making a boat the hole tractor is sitting abandoned in a puddle, and Nazz off... Verse, same as the window flips it open and presses a button `` Buttered toast! into.... Wilfred has walked off. ] tear, 'cause Captain Melonhead: `` Uuuuhhhh.... unnnccclllleeee. could be Eddy... Horn honks and lights shine on Rolf 's back is a kiddie pool set up with a tied.