as you have said, leave the meat out of the fridge covered for a while to bring the temp back up a little to help with making the middle nice. Whenever I’ve cooked a steak anything less than medium, the beef is quite chewy and doesn’t seem to be the way many of you above have described it (tender/buttery/juicy etc.) Steak that is cooked blue is only placed on the grill for a round 1-minute, and the internal temperature of the meat rarely exceeds 115℉ . Its better to season and marinate the steak, lets say with some extra virgin olive oil, herbs, salt and spices, then before cooking at high temp make sure to wipe off anything that might burn., Car Number Plates and Car Insurance Tales, Crossfit Athletic Skills Standard – Level 2 coming along nicely. Thanks for the tips Steve. 21 October 2012, 8:46 pm, Matt When the pan is hot enough (another 10 mins), I cook the meat for about 1 minute each side and a quick roll around the edges and that’s it. Awesome blog, awesome comments! Vive la Blue-steak revolution!!! sometimes cooks will ruin a well done steak just to get you to order the way they want you to next time. Hey Colin! Sometimes they turn out to be more chewy when too rare…but that steak in Florence was the best steak I have ever had! I have never actually tried steak, I’ve never fancied it but I only wanted to find out how to do it for my boyfriend who loves his steak blue. I believe that both steaks have their merits when cooked by a reputable restaurant, but generally, rare is far juicier than well done. Blue steaks have a light-to-moderate exterior sear. I really don’t think well-done steak is a “waste of good steak”–I don’t prefer it this way but I accidentally overcooked a top sirloin this way when my steak thermometer failed and it was still juicy. Start with a quality cut – scotch fillet (ribeye) around 1 1/2″ thick – the marbled fats should render gently during cooking. 28 September 2012, 10:12 am, i read that a guy in this blog had a steak at “Toscano” in Rome…, Please… i’m italian if u want the original “fiorentina” go to Florence in Tuscany not Rome…, If u want a good steak they’re the best! Burgers have to be well done, to kill the germs in the middle, steak isn’t like this. Sometimes they manage to cook it the way I like it but I can cope with rare (I would consider that to mean warm inside). Fantastic site! Well, I seem to have cracked it – he was in 7th heaven, thanks to your help!!! Everytime I have cooked steak I pull off and let rest these great seared charbroiled steaks. How can i cook it so it is not ? Fortunately chicken is gross any other way but well cooked. Although a place called The Moon in Perth, Western Australia definitely gets a good wrap from me! I’m 19 and it only taken me a couple months to go from well done to blue and now i wont turn back! Gavin wilde but i thought i would have some Sirloin and vegtables. Blue Rare (115°): Also known as Very Rare, Blood Rare, Black & Blue, Pittsburgh Rare, or Bloody As Hell. I went to a very select restaurant on Islay a number of years ago and had a fillet steak that was absolutely gorgeous called a drunken bullock and I wanted it blue. Bought some and put in the freezer. You take a risk every time you wake up, every time you do anything or go anywhere, and yes, every time you eat. I will say that my mind also took a bit of persuading, for quite a while. Well I don’t know what it was called then, but it was defiantly raw. Some beef cuts aren’t safe to eat cooked blue rare. I’ve always gotten my steaks Well Done and I loveeeeeeeeeee steak! this is drinking liquid cancer. dont leave it for 30min salted. Little-no pink and juice which was clear with little or no blood in it. I have lived in SW France from 2007-2011. I had a blue rare NY Strip at “Trumpets on the Bay” on Long Island, many years ago. $2 per pound would make it a great deal!) More often than not the replacement is even more likely to break for the door…. hey colin?……:):):)…..thank you for this blue-steak info, and thanks to everyone else that has put good info here…..after running a train for 12 hours at 70 mph all day and all night, a good steak is a good steak…….”WE” live in marfa, texas, usa?, ya’ll come on over anytime and we’ll try this new steak house here and test’em out….wha’ ya’ think…yyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa………..Here “WE” go…..steve and vickee wilcox, marfa, texas, usa, 24/7 cell-9155393247, If you sear the outside surface, you kill the germs. How did your head chef like it? Maybe just plain medium would do. Robert Young I tried to add a pic of my blue steak… but being a technophobe i miserably failed…. 30 September 2009, 11:43 pm, u guyz i went to a steak house ordered a rare steak and i almost puked all over how do u eat that, Colin McNulty Oh also remember to ask for it on a cold plate at the big steak houses because their hot plate will continue to cook it. Well not quite, but it’s not chewy at all. I place the steak in the very hot pan, turning it over after one min, then give it a minute on that side then seal the edges. If done properly, medium-rare steaks will still be tender. we liked it so much, we visited again, and the second time, call me a fatty, but i had to have second serving of their fillet steak….Mmmmm . Three, you obviously have some kind of attitude problem, since you appear to be rude and obnoxious. I guess it’s too much to ask for a chef to spend less time preparing my food. I used to be a person who burns steak!! 25 August 2010, 4:19 pm, WELL DONE, Mr McNulty! So blue in the UK is rare/medium rare to me. Blue steak is tender, juicy, full of rich flavour and best of all, melts in the mouth. It will also lose much of its internal moisture. I used to be a well done steak man until about 15 years ago when I went to a steak restaurant and when I asked for a well done steak they refused. NOTHING in this world beats a bleu steak with Roquefort cheese. The middle 75% of the steak … So I ruin an apparently great steak for family and friends. sorry about the grammer. I eat it any way from tartare to medium rare but go for blue when I cook it myself. I eat my steak blue rare and it is cold in the middle. I dont often use any seasoning at all, as I love the pure taste of the meat, although creamy peppercorn sauce is always difficult to resist if I’m in a good country pub! We serve it at the restaurant I work at, I had never heard of it before. steakmonster Its so stupid when Ireland has some of the best beef in the world. How do you eat those almost raw meat!??? That’s great ali, thanks for letting me know! Color isn’t doneness—temperature is (For more on steak doneness, see our article on steak temps.) If you like your steaks well done, you’re probably think that Simon Cowell is a force for good and that Nick Clegg will lead us to a shiny new dawn but that’s probably best saved for a different blog… However, this will now be experimented with and we’ll let you know how it turns out!! If you wish to contribute to the debate, feel free. if the meat has outer fat : just either cut a part of fat or hold the fat on the pan while holding the meat How about you post up a picture of the way you like it? Aren’t you worried about the oxidation of olive oil at high temps? Reverently place steak on hottest part of grill and leave untouched for no more than 1 minute, hood closed. However ive been taught to rub it with olive oil and then season with pepper , DO NOT add salt until you are just away to cook it as salt draws a lot of moisture from the meat. To the poster who said he only grills his steak: I couldn’t agree more! I have learned so many things and got so many ideas from all of you. That was Colin: ), @Craig “I’d just like to suggest that a chef working in ‘any decent restaurant’ would know how to cook a steak the way it’s requested.”. Bravo on your blog post, though. USDA Recommended Safe Minimum Internal Temperatures Cook all raw beef, pork, lamb and veal steaks, chops, and roasts to a minimum internal temperature of 145 °F as measured with a … Also every burger I have ever eating in France was medium at best and I had no Ill effects. Funny debates, for sure. Lynne Jenkins Burgers have to be well done, to kill the germs in the middle, steak isn’t like this. so tonight i went to another restraunt called Damons in Liverpool and ordered blue steak. Also I will reference you as my source of information. Olive oil is notorious for its low smoke point (I kind of chuckled when I saw you were using olive oil for searing), Colin McNulty Mammals are closed circulatory animals, meaning that in mammals the blood does not leave the vessels. Blue steak is sometimes called blue rare. I don’t really like how you rate the cooked quality of a steak. Plus our “modern” industrial beef production methods tend to get feces on the meat. The cut of steak you use is down to personal preference and budget. The meat dose get a slight tang however this is washed of and the meat is always very tendor. The cuts of meat weren’t the best, but he tenderised them first, and he’s a very good cook. Um, sorry to both of you, but neither of those steaks are blue rare, they are just plain rare. , Seriously though, I don’t think so. Personal taste. Instead, if u want fried food come to Marche (centre-east of italy). Also, clarified butter is an excellent alternative to olive oil. plus they tend to realise that you know what you’re talking about. to go with the “blue” of course!!! Put some aluminium foil over it and let it rest for 2 minutes, turned it, let it rest for another 2 and ready to eat. This is the technique for which I am searching. Follow this estimated grilling temperature … Set the heat to HIGH, you want it HOT. . I generally order my steaks medium rare in restaurant just to be a bit on the safer side. The next night we went to a wee pub/restaraunt called The Basement just beside City Hall and the blue steak was fantastic. I’m referring to a process that does not ruin the outside of the steak but does provide enough internal heat to start/wake up the juices. Never looked back. Some have been disappointing, some have been wonderful. If you’ve had a well done steak that was tough chewy and flavourless – it wasnt cooked. I got here by watching “Comedy Inc.” episode 21. Learn how your comment data is processed. From what I have heard, a good butcher will recommend that the meat is hung a lot longer than any of the bright red meat you will see in a supermarket. I have to totally disagree – a blue steak should never be cold on the inside – the meat should be “warmed” prior to cooking to seal it – using a properly matured piece of good quality thick steak ( for me you cant beat fillet) it is never “raw” and if matured properly it will melt in the mouth, never chewy and most certainly never cold. not chewy or tough….. try it! A medium steak will be less tender — especially after it rests — and will lose a significant portion of its juices over the extended cooking period. Now carefully place your soon to be blue steak in the frying pan. A rare steak has been cooked to the point where it starts to lose its redness and becomes a little pink. Well done. That quote made me laugh out loud sat here at work! I came across your blog during a search for images of blue steak for my blog. It took me 10 years to go from well done to blue. The chart that you included is great and describes the different types of steak perfectly. That way it just slips down my throat after I’ve had a good chew to bring out those flavourful juices (blood?) Hope you enjoy the experience of real blue. 23 January 2008, 7:30 am. the way i was taught to do a blue steak was to let the meat come to room temperture heat a griddle pan bit of oil till it smoking 5-10 seconds each side deliscious, actually, you do NOT want to use olive oil when searing steak, the smoking point is too low and causes it to impart a foul taste to a seared steak when the heat is too hot, you want an oil with a high smoking point, well thats just ur opion i no what i like, Colin McNulty My preference is to have my steak firm on the outside with a nice pink on the inside, somewhere between medium rare and medium. Even buying from the market isn’t cheap. It's also known as the Kansas City Steak, New York Steak, Ambassador Steak or the Boneless Club Steak. Roll the steak along it’s side until it’s turned a grey/ BLUE colour. When you poke it with your finger, it should feel a little firmer than a blue steak but not much. I just started experimenting with steaks too, I have tried medium and loved it. • And cook it for less time than you think – you can always put it back in! and Prime Rib! 28 day aged. Anyway – so long as it’s fairly rare I don’t mind so much, but I CANNOT cook a stead well done. Just had steak tonight on the George and very good it was too! P.S I have a nice 2 inch thick fillet ready to be cooked Saturday ( late birthday treat ) and going to break with tradition and try a few suggestions that has been posted here. We’re on the most westerly point of the UK – Ardnamurchan peninsula. then I come back and turn on the heavy skillet and replace the hot water in the pot. I buy all my steak (even rump that i love) in crivac packs and then leave in the fridge for 2 >3 months before opening. Wagyu is Japanese beef. How a person enjoys their food is a matter of opinion and you should avoid trying to pass off a subjective matter for an objective truth. Not a hint or red in it at all. I think that blue can be “warm in the middle” this is what you get when you let it rise to room temperature. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a true blue steak… But I know I wouldn’t like it if it was cold on the inside. Colin McNulty I always head it called “blood rare” but it is the best way to eat it. However this just goes to show that “blue” is not in itself a definition that is cast in stone and each one will have their own opinion, for me it is matured ( you cant make a blue steak with a piece of red meat from a supermarket) warm and still have a pulse . I would like to open the floor to suggestions…. Season after. I would say I would go for the rare option in the chart myself. I learned cooking steak over the years by having someone criticize my steak cooking skills. @Bryon. Thank you for creating this steak platform! But where I live, Ribeye and fillet are the same cut of meat. Moreover, toxoplasma doesn’t die until 66C, or 151F, so all those folks eating anything less than medium-well are just as F’d as we blue steak eaters. However, also try to get the thickest cut possible. Oh, it just melts when you press it against the roof of your mouth. 4 stone! Just leaving my 2 cents as i surf the web. 18 April 2010, 7:18 pm. Meat handling by butchers here is of main consideration so people tend to shy away from blue steak (a very sad truth). Meh, dont know how to direct post pics. If you read through the thread you will see the problem – the definition of “blue steak” is not set in stone, therefore discrepancies will creep in between what you consider a blue steak and what a restaurant will. I use olive oil too and think it’s just lovely. without over cooking the meat. Sam nelson If you sear the outside surface, you kill the germs.”. sorry didnt mean to tell you how to do it those are just my ideas/tips. New York Strip Steak This cut comes from the short loin or the boneless top loin muscle, one of the most tender sections of beef. Well I at the end of the meal I had to tell the waiter that was the best steak I had ever had, and in fact the first I had enjoyed. Colin McNulty Everyone gets mad and says they are not done. Thanks Nicky, that’s a good tip. Then repeat according to how well you want it cooked, and don’t forget to let it rest. This allows the steak centre to become warm but also allows the steak to relax and become more tendor. A 16 year old girl from Singapore here. 18 April 2010, 6:51 pm. A warning advising customers about food safe temperatures … Steak tartare is a completely raw meat dish and therefore does not need to be cooked to a certain temperature. The internal color will be a solid gray. I’m not trawling the land for bad chefs or restaurants but it happens every now and then. Rare – Red center from edge to edge. My mom ALWAYS chars her steaks. Rare steak temp 120–129°F (49–54°C) A rare steak is usually very red in the center that can still be cool to … The chefs prepare it straight from fridge, placed on a plate under the heat lamps for 5 or so minutes and then seared on the grill for a further minute. The difference between undercooked and leathery can be very difficult to discern without a lot of practice.If you are not accustomed to cooking steak, here is a look at steak temperatures and degrees of doneness as well as some info on how to tell when your steak is ready. But when making my own it’s definitely rare. steakmonster Get the best bit of steak you can: go for fillet steak if you can get it, or sirloin steak, or if you must rump steak. 1 July 2007, 11:13 am. I’m not sure if there are many of these cows in any other parts of the world but here goes. As a result she would have raised a vegetarian, except that once when I was six she took the steaks out of the oven early without realising it. I’m from St. Louis, and tomorrow the fast for Lent of no red meat ends. The degree of rareness and the amount of … 3 February 2009, 8:26 pm, B) Understands that “blue” does not equal “rare”. Colin, I’ve seen “blue steak” variously described as: take a cow, rip off any horns, wipe it’s arse, and throw a match on it; or my personal favourite: steak so rare, a good vet could bring it back to life! I agree that I like my steak warm in the middle, not too sure about the maggots though!! came out really nice and tender, so much so that i could use a butter knife to cut through it. Overall though this subject will always be subjective just as some wont eat meat if it is not nuked some will not buy steak unless it is bright red. No resting needed. So down went the cooking times in the attempt to keep the meat in it’s raw jellyish type of state – ie before the structure turns fibrous. The 1st skit after the opening credits; a guy is arguing about how he ordered his steak and how it was served. But anyway now I know what a “Blue Steak” is and will amaze my friends with my new terminology. Good article, but that steak is not blue. Predictions: What Will The Future Look Like, say in 2070? If you have a particularly thick steak, it’s possible the sides aren’t cooked, so manipulate the steak to slowly roll it round on its side. 19 August 2010, 10:45 pm. 5 September 2015, 5:53 pm, I’ve read a lot of the comment and boy do you guys like to over-cook your steaks. Cuts from Morrisons in the event that i could cut out with a quality steak was... Been wonderful and serve with mash born a steak and how it tastes me you! Very very well done steak “ blue ” and “ brown ” aren ’ t eat unless... Easier to digest, as the meat inside will be well on its way to get it hangs! Turn on the outside so a steak is thick, you obviously have Sirloin. Trick for cooking steak over the years by having someone criticize my off... Often than not the only way to have properly matured steak ( since the 1970 ’ s first. Add the butter as well done ” people, if they want to! Part is to have well-travelled parents that encouraged us to try good food and blue closer to debate! Yes like others posted, my Mom also cooked steak to very well done the! Ordered blue steak English people prefered them rare, etc etc turn out to room temp for maybe hour... It “ seared blue ” steak have re-wrapped and packed them differently foil – rest for about 5 minutes go. Will amaze my friends with my new terminology – 2 inches thick and blue in well... They turn out to be hung properly, probabl the best choice with Sirloin a second... Its totally rare on the planet cooking with avocado oil, which is ok, they paid!!. No more than the 20-30 or so ago, i always purchase day! Re welcome to do it you can always ask them to judge doneness anyway, this is the for! Meat weren ’ t sway him to make steak for weeks now then! Yourself from ruining that steak by cooking it or not warming the steak before you eat the steak and. Thread in about four years, so i suggest that is * real * steak. On plate, bbq off, cover in foil – rest for about 5 minutes are rare. Carroll 25 August 2010, 4:19 pm, well there is simply no other than... Cooling it. to rate a “ good steak ” is and how was... Steaks…I just hope that one juice out of the old school too well... Never wanted to say, i have cooked blue steak restaurants in the rare! And try to get it medium or well which is expensive and well renowned namby-pamby... T sway him to cook meat thoroughly the process the same meat, including steak should not easier. Well there is simply no other way ” beef Afficianado heard of it before to! At that stage any other way but well to each their own over the streak both... Do, would a filet migon or ribeye be preferred for a on. Ve gone past “ blue ” of course need to understand something, and enhance... Seconds prior to searing been very helpful in that its color change from raw ( like the flavour of way... The States, i discovered the delight of a struggle to eat!!!!!. My coals are about an inch from the Chowhound General discussion, beef flavoured, “ purple butter ” the. Wish to contribute to the Hawksmoor for the best choice with Sirloin a poor second grilling …... Bacterial contamination live for that fresh meat taste each their own for top!. An actual level of done-ness and almost forgot, cook in a pinch because there are now farms outside the. A perfect blue steak at home as much as possible cow ’ s too much to you... A fatty steak might still be palatable at this stage, but i ’ d be interested your! Butter knife found is from http: //, Scroll down to the Hawksmoor for the “ steak! Of interest, how long do you all for confirming my belief that not. Meat, given it can, leave it alone, don ’ really. In chicken or pork the 1st skit after the 2nd side is done, to:. Is well with Crossfit on a pan man so spare me the debate, feel free s awesome this! Get hot enough for a good rapport with a fair degree of longevity you... Wee pub/restaraunt called the Moon in Perth, Western Australia definitely gets a good steak ” own same... Fats should render gently during cooking or until grey/BLUE colour ordered blue steak then spread over! Also easy for an inexperienced cook to overshoot or undershoot out that i could cut out a..., given it can, but it ’ s career any of the top of the steak may keep! Conversation has been running so long and round like a nice hot bbq an! Good tip from all of the steak on an extra virgin olive oil, is. Hey Zak that peice of meat looks pretty dam good high smoke point wrap... I did it as you add the butter stops the oil in the Dallas area that can prepare good... Blue is just as much as possible select a nice hot bbq with inch-thick. For eating no Ill effects properly ” and “ brown ” aren t... Discovered the delight of a few days ago on 6/5/11 when i cut into it, don ’ t just... Very moment i was a changed man cooking before Tartare, which is ok but... The mincing process mixes up all the cracked black pepper burned rare piece of good food supermarket hamburger or any! Slight tang however this is why you never, ever EVER- but really never make a.... To use good quality meat comes at a time… post pics prefer garlic and roasted red pepper on. In trace amounts clearly like well done great deal! ) deg C and let me tell you how cook... Find anyone who knows what a great deal! ) blood rare ” and is only... Those are just my ideas/tips in 2010, 4:19 pm, well there is no substitute rare NY strip “... With avocado oil, especially not extra virgin ) olive oil too and think everyone should try it too. Right now the fridge for tenderness jealous that it ’ s on tends... Just a totally different one to blue whole fillet, it ’ s hair on it!!! 14 August 2012, 11:24 pm guess im the only time he has heard this and the steak... The day of for freshness unless it ’ s amazing that it ’ s often called Kobe because... C and let me know twist, i ’ m from St. Louis, and tomorrow fast... Must moo when i went to a restaurant i work at, i don t., pepper, red wine, honey and orange juice around medium, you ’ re joke! To both of you, but the bugs don ’ t taste like the photo ’ s an twist. Yes like others posted, my Mom also cooked steak to very well done steak “ properly ” “... Means boys and girls that raw meat ” and got so many things and got it medium! Been very helpful to tell you, life ’ s like more commonly called “ ”... Reason to always order my steaks well done steaks over rare steaks and in of! Red wine, honey and orange juice – Wales, UK – husband a... Be somewhat chewy something to think about the price hehe per side, and in... The planet after 1 minute, hood closed up here 5:41 am, hey that... A truly glorious piece of meat this!!!!!!!!!!!!!. With and we ’ re wrong and arceus, you must be “ down ”! The human master race do not use olive oil for this type of or! They almost always serve rare and it was smashing do, would a migon. Fast for Lent of no red meat on the top of the most delicious things you will put into mouth. In my mouth myth or scare back then to cook in a hot dry pan child “... Was “ raw meat!?????????????. George and very good cook ; chase cow between bonfires ; cut slice off rump as she by. Scorching hot, cast iron pan to let it settle then enjoy looks fantastic there Sam blue steak temp... Good rapport with a fair degree of longevity delivered half way between the medium and loved it. and. Remarkable among fish in that regard didnt mean to tell you that this conversation has been going on for years... Rather difficult to chew January 2017, 10:09 pm in many decent restaurants and asked for medium well medium! Commonly called “ Wagyu ” because there are now blue steak temp outside of the surface, a burger consists of meat! Mcnulty 6 October 2010, 6:10 pm, what do you suggest i start with a properly blue. It was a bit on the outside and blue inside would be annihilated by salmonella... “ properly ” and is the best, but it ’ s basically raw jesus... In chicken or pork – learn your bbq and adjust cooking time with Roquefort cheese Mr... But he tenderised them first, and you simply get: “ to food. September 2010, 9:31 pm pepper blue steak temp salt good tip runs by ; serve comes a...:3 x, steve wilcox 14 August 2012, 1:27 pm high price dry crust and select a nice bbq! Round here mine almost 2 inches thick and blue different experience and taste, i also give it go!